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Hello everyone! I've never properly introduced myself so.. Here's a little bit about me. My name is Katlynne you can call me Kate for short. Ive been a fan of kpop for over 3 years now. My favorite groups are BTS, VIXX, B.A.P, Monsta X, Apink, Gfriend, Got7 and a whole lot more. I'm a multi-fandom kinda girl, I've got no time for hate. I try to support everybody equally. my top 5 biases are Namjoon, Ravi, Yong guk, Jooheon and JB (not in that order). Even though I've been a member of vingle for awhile now, I haven't posted a card yet. Now seems like a pretty time though and here's the reason why. So this group I’m in on FB just posted this link. The group admins original purpose was to try to bring B.A.P to the states and it still is, but now they have a chance to bring BTS back, which is the purpose of this post. Currently the only city they are trying to bring them to is Houston, Tx. I’m sure though with enough support more locations can be added. Here’s a short message about it from one of the admins. “We are working on bringing 2 groups here right now I am working on B.A.P, but we now have a chance to bring BTS back to America. I need all of us to join together to bring them back, we are doing it with Mymusictaste and we can use all your guys support. We have 4 days to do it and we can!!!! You guys said you would help out, so let us be a force to be reckon with. Let’s join together to bring them back!!! I need all you Nabi’s to pitch in. Let’s do this, FIGHTING! !! Admin-Samantha” The link for the website she's talking about is here --- The group name in case anyone is wondering is “Butterfly Project” and here’s the link to it --- There is also a sub project aimed more towards the BTS objective called “Butterfly Project (Houston Edition) --- Both of these are private groups, so you will need a FB account to join to be able to be kept up to date. I and many more would appreciate the help of just sharing the link on FB, twitter or even here. As long as the word gets passed around. I sincerely apologize for my first card being really long, but it's nice to meet everyone. (^-^;)
Actually @Emealia is really involved in this I think? It sounds like such a cool project!
@kpopandkimchi YES We only have FOUR days for BTS though so we really need the word spread about it. Share it on Twitter and Facebook but don't be afraid to share it on any social networking, the more ARMYs that see it, the better.
Also if we can get this one approved, then I'm positive that other locations around the states will be added.