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Happy Jungkook day! There is something we need to face - our maknae has become handsome and grown up! I for one, am thoroughly conflicted by it!

He was cute and squishy! Just your cute boy next door!

He did aegyo like it was nothing!

He had a kinda goofy cute face that was so lovable; like a puppy!

But now I just... sometimes I just get scared at how...


LIKE WHAT! THE! F#$ K!? Puberty hit this boy like a truck!

Stop it! Naughty! Bad Jungkookie!

But luckily he can still be cute!

And his aegyo game is still going strong!

Change of subject before ovaries start exploding and girls can't help but faint.. He's such a good sport!

He goes with the flow and will make himself look silly without a care in the world!

What about his singing you ask? I'm getting there! He has the voice of an angel that we humans are genuinely lucky to hear!

He is a talent that isn't seen too often and his live voice sounds the same as his studio recording singing.

Did I mention dancing? Oh, I didnt? Please forgive me because that's also very awesome!

Or funny...

Or adorable!

Well Jungkook, try to give your fans a break by being cute sometimes, because if you're too damn sexy, too often...they just won't make it out alive!

As Hell Week goes on I am starting to realize that every member of this group is a fricken bias wrecker!

omg i love this card so much - he's so perfect...thats honestly why he's not my bias. He's almost TOO perfect hahahahha
I agree hes to talented!
@MadAndrea Thanks Maddie!!!
@KokoroNoTakara This was such a labor of love! I had it all ready like an hour ago but my vingle app wouldn't upload it 😢 so I had to uninstall, install it, and remake the whole card again! Very time consuming and frustrating.
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