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Its been awhile since ive seen a tag game go around . . And on Vingle it's all about interactions So why not get to know you guys better but ....KPOP STYLE!!
Rules: 1. Answer the Following Questions 2. Have fun 3. Tag your Vingle fam ♡♡
Write Down Your Bias 1-10 (No particular order) 1.G-Dragon 2.Mino 3.Jay Park 4.Suga 5.Zico 6.Key 7.Jinyoung 8.Chanyeol 9.Ren 10.Yugeom
1.Between 1-4 who would your rather kiss? (G-Dragon definitely, he my ultimate bias :P) 2.Between 2-7 who would be your best friend? (Suga, of course I have to choose my birthday twin) 3.Between 5&10 who has the better voice? (Uhhh.....idk about this one but I think I gotta pick Zico, but only because I like when he does that "Z-I-CO" thing) 4.Between 1 and 8 whose the funniest? (G-Dragon.....omg in so biased XD) 5.Between 6 & 9 who would you date? (I like them both, they both extremely sweet....I'll take who ever wants me XD) 6.Between 9 & 10 who would you collaborate with? (I think Ill go with....Yugeom♡♡) 7.Between 4 and 8 who is the best dancer? (Suga.......I choose you ♡♡) 8.Between 3 and 5 who would you most likely marry? (I'd love to marry Zico but I think I'd match better with Jay) 9.Between 1 and 7 would would you nurse when there sick? (This really isn't fair.....clearly im gonna nurse GD..Im really sorry for anyone whose put up against my ultimate bias XD) 10.Between 2 and 3 who has a better smile? (Jay Park) 11.Between 6 & 8 Who Would You vacation with? (oh my gawd key ...yes he life♡♡) 12.Between 2, 4, and 6 who would you F*ck/Marry/Kill? (F*ck:Mino Marry: Suga Kill: Key.....thus is anonymous right no one will no about this)
But yea guys thats the challenge if you decide to do this, if you want you should tag me so I can read your card :) But have fun with this guys and I'll see you all later bye :P ♡♡♡♡♡I TAG ALL OF YOU GUYS♡♡♡♡
Awww yes definitely marry Suga :D
Yay can't wait to do this one!