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But as long as I have someone besides me, everything'll be ok.
Congrats! It must be really nice to be able to walk around with light clothes and enjoying the Spring breezes. It's still freezing cold here in Seoul :( Hopefully the new season will roll in soon. Take care, my friend!
Yes! I agree, dear friend. There's nothing like singing familiar songs together. Spring has finally arrived here in Illinois and it's sooo nice being able to drive with the wind blowing through.
I know! I would love to drive along a long road listening to good music with the wind blowing in, but it would be so much better to travel with some one and singing the songs together and telling stories of our own adventures. Happiness is meant to be shared!
That's certainly true. As we've discussed before, we should all know how to be alone...but the journey is certainly more enjoyable with others at our side.