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There are tons of anime characters I would love to date....but let's be honest there are some who just bug the beejeezus out of holy hell chill! I have many of them but there is only ONE who I definitely refuse to even think about dating.....aghhh!
You, Kaname Kuran!!! I shall NEVER forgive you....this dude had us fooled from the very beginning! I do admit I was a Kaname girl but after reading his story and just the...ugh...everything he did....this dude has ISSUES and I hate him for being that perfect boy who turned out to be an uncaring person whose sole purpose was to watch people (yuki) suffer and try to understand him!!! I am sorry to those who still love him despite all that he did.... you do you....while I fume! He would love you and do everything to show you how he feels but there will be a time where he doesn't even care....he will try to kill you.... just so he could fulfill his messed up purpose..... Just no......also despite everything that happened Yuki goes on to still be with him and having a child with him as well as being with Zero... I get it he did all of it to protect her and such.... but ehh....I don't like him so yeah.... Yes I know that Yuki gave up her life to give Kaname a human life as she had herself but still...just no.... Never will I want to date him.... Tagging @VinMcCarthy @ArmyofKookie @CreeTheOtaku
I only watched the anime so I feel in love with him but should I read the manga
yeah he seems like that one guy you first like then hate later on
@JasmineWilliams I highly suggest reading the manga it has far more explanations about a lot of things and its cooler ^^