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Indeed I am! So let's get to it!!! 10: You Know - Jay Park Yeah, some of you will call me weird, but I actually fall asleep to this song and a bunch of other songs that aren't meant to be on a sleep playlist so guess what :P 9: Rewind - Zhoumi Zhoumi's smooth vocals with a medium tempo track awesome for falling asleep to. 8: Only One - BoA Again, slowish song that just has BoA's super smooth vocals. 7: My Last - Jay Park Nothing I can say about this one. Not a sleep song but I fall asleep to it anyway haha. 6: Gemini - Taeyeon My favorite track off of Taeyeon's new solo album and it's great to fall asleep to! 5: Days Like Today -2am Somewhat depressing song but good to fall asleep to. 4: Hot Enough - Vixx This selection speaks for itself! Though if you're not single (unlike me) it might not be much of a sleep song (if ya know what I mean) xDDD 3: Get Some Air - Gary Love this song and fall asleep to it often!! 2: Bye Bye Love - 2Bic I think 2Bic are super underrated (as I've stated before) and this is a stellar song that is great to fall asleep to! 1: Eyes, Nose, Lips - Taeyang Who doesn't love this song!? Goes without saying why this is on here!
okay but your comment about the vixx song HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA
@kpopandkimchi @MattK95 I couldn't help it xD The opportunity was there so I took it! xD And Matt yeah I get it haha, 90% of what I listen to is Kpop and EDM with the other 10% being a mix of Jazz and Alternative so I don't really have much "sleep music" but I somehow fall asleep to it anyway haha. Everyone I know thinks I'm crazy lol!
XD @kpopandkimchi I couldn't stop laughing at that myself lol @Cryomorph interesting song choices, I don't think I could use many of these on my sleep list, except for 2Bic, who I agree are far too underrated. It really is interesting to see what everyone else likes to fall asleep to though, so thank you for participating and sharing this awesomeness with everyone, I love it ^^