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Dramas can make you cry, but they can also make you LAUGH.

What was the funniest drama you've ever seen?!

For me: Rooftop Prince

Something about the four friends made me crack up SO loudly that my roommate would yell at me :D
(side note: the japanese version of to the beautiful you aka hana kimi is SO FUNNY)

So what's the funniest drama you've seen?!

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City Hall. Hands down the funniest I've ever watched. With the brilliants Kim Sun Ah and Cha Seung Won.
Marriage,not dating 😂😂 had me cracking up I so recommend it!!!
Secretly, Greatly was definitely the funniest one I have seen, also I loved how they put comedy and action together. Loved it <3
modern farmer
so hard! a lot have funny parts in them. I would say Modern Farmer, Emergency Couple, Rooftop Prince, Kill me Heal me, and You are Beautiful are top ones that I have seen.