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@TiffanyPerez I want to know that to lmao But I need to admit she have a good ninjutsu like no lie she was the only one that knew the cur for sasoris poison and she saved Kankuro and a lot of people in the war! but still she sucks at the 1st season but in the 2nd season she was better than the 1st season...
@CarlosUzumaki7 she was a good medic. but a horrible ninja
@TiffanyPerez ik right馃槀馃槀
Sure she is weak but guys really? She may be annoying and weak but she's there for a reason. Without her to help the plot Naruto wouldn't be Naruto.
@KaminariHana I can see being weak at the beginning. But she studied under Tsunade. She has strength and what not, but she still finds a way to suck and rely on others. That stupid habit never broke. They could of killed her off at some point in time and I am sure Naruto would still be him.