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Kwong Ji-yong known as G-Dragon He is just ... Aishhh ... Ok lets go onto details. GD is known as " FASHIONISTA" by many people including Kang Dong Won!
He started small and became big. Even Ludacris pointed him out "A Star" when he went to YG Entertainment. (FOR REALLLL.. I was shock too)
As his music career continue to grow so was his dress code. GD won "Best Dresser Award" in 2010! In 2008 he won "Style Icon Award" and "Most Influential Men." Soon GD was voted "Most God-Like" in Japan. 😎 (ohhh yess he is)
He was also highlighted as one of the "50 Reasons Why Seoul Is The Best City" by CNN (WOOWW!!) In 2013 he won "Style Icon TOP 10" and also won "Style Icon Of The Year." Making him the first singer to win an award undivided. Go GD!!
GD was spotted in London and Paris for Chanel Fashion Show! He was also in "Arena Magazine! "💋 In 2015 GD was picked as one of Business of Fashion "500 Global Fashion Leaders" making him 1 of 5 koreans on the list and ONLY kpop artist. Kwon Ji-yong also won "Photogenic Award" in 2015.
Thats GD baby!!!!! Whooo he is just tooo good. ❤️ Kwon Ji-yong (GD)💋
Aish...a good way to put it! GD is awesome on so many levels, not just because of his musical talent! (I still want to find some of his fur hats)
Oh my god!!!! Good job GD!!!!
@Kieusera i think theres a website where u can buy his styles/his design clothes.