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Holly Holm has been the new big thing in the world of sports after she took down former UFC champion, Ronda Rousey.

So when she visited Las Vegas to watch the Miguel Cotto - Canelo Alvarez matchup, she was invited by Jay Z to the VIP watching party.

You beat Ronda and you not only become the new UFC champion, you become the VIP!
Everything was going well for the UFC champ, until she actually met Jay Z. When she met Jay Z in the private, VIP room, he said, "This is my wife".

We all know who that is....right?

Maybe not Holly Holm.
She approached Beyonce and said,

"Oh, hi, what is your name?"

Uh excuse me?
Holm mentioned that she only said it because it's something she does every time she meets someone's wife.

But Holly, it's Beyonce. You never ask Beyonce what her name is.'s Beyonce.

Something my sports + music fans might find amusing!

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@mchlyang well I like Linkin Park, Disturbed, 3 doors down, green day, the used, breaking benjamine, matalica, led zeplin, pink floyd, mack sabbath I can go on. County music- Rascal flats, brad paisley, reba macintosh, George Strait, martina mcbride, shenia twain and plenty more I just cant think if the names right now XD
@Straightshooter Nice dude hahaha. I understand your taste in music and everything but I still can't believe she asked Beyonce what her name was!
who's Beyonce? Never heard of
@TravisBeck Haha good one buddy!
Anyone else think Holly looked just like Amy Schumer in that interview on the plane?