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(here you go @Danse) say, you didn't like who they put in certain teams like the avengers or the x-men, or you wanted to make your own version of that team. here's your chance! just say what team you're using and who the original members are then who would be in your version of the team (special note, nothing in this challenge is limited to a certain kind of media. you can use anime, comics, TV, etc)
So Im using Team Red. The original members are Deadpool, Daredevil and Spiderman
my version of team red, or team mercenary , or team antihero, is Deadpool, Dante (Devil May Cry), and Alucard (Hellsing) tag some friends!
lol Wait, why am I being tagged. *flail* Help me! @shannonl5 Where is the original challenge for this? xD
this is the original challenge. i tagged you since you liek challenges
Oh! :D Whoops, okay. Hmm... I'm not very versed in Marvel comics, so this'll be a bit tough. I'll get to it after thanksgiving, if you don't mind? I'm with family at the moment. <3
alright. have fun
Oooh this is cool! I'll have to think about it :D