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I traveled 6,791 miles to come home for Thanksgiving. I'm only here for 6 days, but I'm so thankful to be around my family. They are loud, grumpy, flawed and completely insane, but that's what makes me love them.
Our families all have their quirks. And those quirks always make for eventful Thanksgiving celebrations.
This year, my mom has to go in to JC Penney, where she's a store manager, and open the sucker up at 3P.M. for whoever is insane and desperate enough to spend their Thanksgiving there. I hope those people enjoy her company, because we'll be missing it.
Anyway, tomorrow Thanksgiving will happen at 12P.M. And I'm not sure if any of our traditions will be in tact, but I wanted to share some of the funny things we do that are probably alien to other families. Funny and odd, my family has never taken themselves too seriously.
The tradition that will always stick out to me is my mother's annual "French Onion Dip" something that doesn't really fit in with Thanksgiving food. NO it's not a specific recipe for stuffing, cranberry sauce or casserole, but it's unique to her. You see, my family loves chips and dip. I'm not sure why, but we just do.
We usually hang out around the TV in the living room and watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and chomp on some chips. It's pretty odd, but we love it.
Another thing that we do every year is just for me and my sister.
Everyone knows that the best thing that happens on Thanksgiving is the Purina Dog Show. It happens right after the parade. My sister and I sit in front of the TV and take pictures of each dog that goes by. It's totally strange, but you'll laugh I swear.
We then take those pictures and send them to our respective best friends. and they, get extremely irritated. Some years they're mad, others they're amused, but all in all it's an enjoyable couple of hours.
Our dinners are pretty simple. Dad breaks out the video camera and asks us what we're thankful for that year. I'm hoping someday he edits all the answers into a montage. It would be cool to see how our looks and answers changed from year to year. We then usually have a short dinner where dad spends half the time watching football on the TV, my brother and sister bicker and my mom barely sits down because she keeps bringing more and more things to the table.
Of course, little Miss.Tuffsey has spent the past two Thanksgivings with us, and she now gets a Turkey dinner of her own, provided, of course by my grumpy dad.
After that I clear the dishes and mom and I hang and talk while my dad and brother watch the remaining football games. It's not elaborate or grandiose. We don't have a huge family or a large table, but we always have each other.
I look forward to this time though, because despite all of the craziness and the worries, we have a great time.
Coming home during college was always a relief from the classes and the madness. Now I'm coming home from overseas, and leaving shortly after. The time will be short, but I'll cherish it, because I won't be able to make the trip home for Christmas. Flights are too expensive around that time.
When adulthood rears its ugly head some things change. But off-beat Thanksgiving traditions like these never will.
Aww, Tess. Beautiful!! Minus the pictures of the dog show, it sounds very similar to my family. It's a beautiful time, isn't it? <3
Yes ladies!!! Thank you :) and very a happy thanksgiving to all of your families too! Have a great day and eat lots of good food!!! @luci546 @ButterflyBlu @JPBenedetto :)
Aw, what a beautiful story c: It's too bad you can't spend Christmas with your family, but it's great that you have 6 whole days to spend with them! My thanksgiving is made up of the family making fun of each other, battling against the many cats that like to attack the Christmas tree, and shouting at 3 barking dogs that get worked up about everything. Loud-hispanic-style holiday lol I hope you have a FANTASTIC holiday!!!!
Tess - So, so very happy that you made the trip and made it safely!!! This whole card made me smile - it's just full of such tender sentiment...thank you once again for your emotional generosity! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!!😍 *hugs*