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{NN} Fabulous outfit? Check!

Heyo!!! I am here again with yet another card ( I am almost caught just one more) Let's face it there are some characters who dress fabulous and we secretly desire to wear what they wear....sometimes!! I have seen many anime's and with it many different outfits! So to choose one well that is going to be just a taaad difficult..... but I'll try!!
I choose Cute High Earth Defense Club ( or something like that....its really hard to memorize the name...) I haven't met anyone that has also seen this anime! So if you have watched it....let's fangirl together!!! So most of the time the guys (En, Atsushi, Ryu, Yumoto and Io) are wearing their school uniforms but I LOVE their outfits when they turn into their love prince's (I can't recall what they are called) When I first saw the trailer I laughed so hard when I heard the wombat speak...its such a cute and funny voice! Although I am not much into the while cute stuff....this dragged me in real quick.... I would wear their outfits....but since purple is not one of their colors I opted for my second fave!!!! I mean look at cute and somehow manly...... then again my fave character is En and his real chill mature demeanor! Besides people are saying they are like the opposite of the Sailor moon girls!! Tagging @VinMcCarthy @ArmyofKookie @CreeTheOtaku
I saw the trailer for this and was interested, but now after hearing everyone else, I'm gonna have to try it!
I loved this anime. I even made and OC and my friend is helping me with drawings and part of a fanfic where my OC is in part of the anime and some chapters are about days in between the episodes.
@CreeTheOtaku my favorite animal was actually the hedgehog because he's so cute.
@ARMYStarlight that is true but I never suspect he would be a hedgehog *aka my third favorite animal
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