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B.A.P is Slaying Charts!
With B.A.P's recent comeback, the long-awaited group has been on fire since they released their music video!
It seems BABYZ have been putting forth much effort to show their love for the 6 boys. B.A.P's fourth mini-album "MATRIX" has earned it's spot as No. 3 on Billboard's World Album Chart B.A.P has claimed many places on this chart with previous albums. Their debut album "WARRIOR" charted at tenth place, and mini-albums "ONE SHOT" and "BADMAN" along with their first full-length album "First Sensibility" had all risen to first place. “MATRIX” also placed fourteenth on the Worldwide iTunes Album Chart the day after its release.

How do you guys feel about "MATRIX"?

B.A.P is working hard to promote their title track Young, Wild & Free. They will be performing on various music programs such as at KBS’ “Music Bank” and SBS’ “Inkigayo”. Respective dates are listed as November 27 and 29. The album was produced by leader Bang Yongguk with all the members contributing in writing and composing.

With promotions comes fan sign events...

B.A.P recently held a fan sign event in Jamsil on November 22. They also posted a video of it on V app, so go watch it! I've included images down below of all the members (many different promotion events) Enjoy!







Wishing these boys the best~

I hope B.A.P can enjoy the rest of 2015 with BABYZ now that we've finally reunited. B.A.P hwaiting! ♡