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GOT7's Jackson apparently gained an insecurity about his head size after coming to Korea. The singer admitted as much on the November 25 airing of JTBC's 'Taste of Others.' Though this seemingly odd obsession over one's head size may downright confound outsiders, it is a pretty common trait that some Korean people focus on, among other physical characteristics such as small face, 'V' line chin, 'S' line, and many more.
For Koreans, the smaller the head, the better, but Jackson revealed that complimenting someone in Hong Kong for having a teeny head is actually an insult of a high degree. He explained, "If you tell someone 'You head is so small,' it's a diss. You're basically calling that person an idiot because the person's brain is small. But after coming to Korea I learned that 'look at how small this person's head is' actually is a compliment," and confessed, "I got an insecurity that I never had before."
poor Jackson. he's perfect the way he is!
Jackson needs to listen to Just Right and apply it towards him, I don't think he needs to change a thing.