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Naked Man Arrested For Stealing A Hamburger.

A Western Australian man was arrested earlier this week after rifling through a stranger's car, stealing their Hungry Jack's cheeseburger, taking off all of their clothes, and fleeing from the scene of the crime.

In slightly unrelated but still relevant news, I suddenly realized I have a dating type.
Local police say the man forced his way into a parked vehicle and took the Hungry Jack's Whopper burger, which had been purchased to bring to the vehicle owner's friend who lived roughly 1,700km (1,055 miles) away.
Yes, to add to the previous lunacy, this burger was supposed to go on a plane and travel across the country before it was stolen by a hungry, enigmatic naked dude. (Nothing says 'Bros for life.' quite like a friend who delivers cross-country fast food.)
When the owner returned to his car, only to find a random dude trying to peace out with his burger, he tried his best to confront him, only to have aforementioned random dude take off all his clothes and run away.
Of course, when you're streaking through a public area, you're only going to be able to get so far without making a huge scene, and it wasn't long before he was detained and charged with stealing and disorderly conduct.
I have several questions, so this is going to be a hard card to wrap up. If any of you can answer these, please feel free:

Is a Whopper worth getting arrested for? Is this typical protocol for crime in Australia? DID HE EVEN GET TO EAT IT?

Let me know what you think in the comments below, and @MattK95, @InPlainSight, @MissB82, @ChriSingularis, @Animaniafreak, discuss.
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@MattK95 Yikes. I should go read more about it. A couple years back, a bushfire got within 1/10th of a mile (like 200 meters) of my house, and I had to be evacuated for three days. I was extremely lucky, but it was so unnerving seeing my neighborhood constantly on the news and not actually knowing the status of my own property. Fortunately, everything was fine, but it still smells like ash sometimes when it rains.
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@danidee I've never been evacuated but I did get one of those telephone warnings, were you answer the phone and it's just an alarm with someone telling you that you need to be ready to go just incase
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@danidee what are you really asking me?? I dono how to answer
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Seems reasonable.
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if it was five guys I would
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