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I am both and I'm a Taurus.
I'm a Taurus and that's %100 percent true. :c Why won't senpai love me? Oh, wait- I'm too ugly for that sexy body.
HA HA HA . . . you will never know.
I'm all of that. What're you talking about, san?
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@koifries thank you for validating my existence. I was 98% in agreement that I may jus be crazy as hell ๏ผˆใ€œ^โˆ‡^)ใ€œ
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I'm @Xiannele manipulator
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Pisces >________> I'll admit I do have a screen lock on my cell and I do Like to sing/ dance >.>;
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I'm a Gemini and I approve these messages.
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Im a cancerian and all of this is true
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