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This are some of the anime's I have seen: Anime | Rate 1/10 Naruto - 8 Bleach -7 Your lie in April - 9 Death Note - 5.5 Tokyo Ghoul - 8 Cardfight Vanguard - 9.5 Seraph of the End - 7.5 Haikyū!! - 10 Free! Eternal Summer - 8 One punch man - 7 Hunter x Hunter - 8.5 Noragami - 7 My Love Story - 9 Yowamushi Pedal - 9 RWBY - 7 Blue Exorcist - 7 If you want to know if i have watched an anime i didn't write feel free to ask. Curios why I rated an anime like the way I did? Ask in the comments and I will answer it in a different card focusing on that anime alone.
Is it wrong to try to pickup girls in a dungeon is an awesome show!!
Seraph of the end watch it!!
Food wars! Shokugeki no soma ... I think you'll like it haha or is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon 😁
Gate also!!
For a slice of life try clannad For ecchi try monster matsume For action try black bullet For a sad one try angel beats (And honestly any of the big 4 they are at least fun to start)
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