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Erza scarlett if i could have any anime character over it would be her becouse i feel out of any anime character it could be here one she love strawberry cake and i love strawberries i know many girl who would take chocolate over anything but me it strawberries i can resist the candy bar sitting in front of me but if you sit a whole box of strawberries in front of me they are gone not only just that but i would love to sit down an talk with her i respect her she not only strong but a loyal friend to her team mate and guild of of course if I invite her over
and most likely the rest of team natsu would appear or at less natsu and happy who probably drag lucy with them so i who make sure i have so fish handy for little happy and make sure to have a fire extinguisher just in case you know who get fired up and plenty of extra food for the whole team especially since natsu can eat his weight in food and maybe even more