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@SharayahTodd had a wonderful idea for a challenge in the spirit of the Thanksgiving tradition to list some things we're thankful for from KPOP.
The Challenge Questions:
1. What kpop group are you most thankful for and why?
2. What kpop mv are you most thankful for and why?
3. How has kpop helped you this year?
4. What kpop idol inspires you the most and why?
I really like this idea and hope everyone will join in on this great idea!! Bunnies @destiny1419 @Meeshell @jessicalnichols @PrettieeEmm @eletica @Emealia what are you thankful for?

What kpop group are you most thankful for and why?

I'm most thankful for Beast. They started me on road to all things KPOP and Korean. Without them I'd still be a sad lost boring non kpopper. They continually show me why I love kpop. I wouldn't have done half the things I've had the courage to do this year or met any of you if it wasn't for that first step I took with Beast just a few short years ago.

2. What kpop mv are you most thankful for and why?

TABLO x TAEYANG ~ Eyes, Nose, Lips (cover)
VIXX LR ~ Beautiful Liar
So I have two right now that the connection was right there when I saw them. Eyes, Nose, Lips found me still in a dark place mentally and Tablo's 'rewrite' of the lyrics just resonates with me so strongly. I always feel like whatever I'm feeling Tablo has a song that somehow manages to put it perfectly into words. The mv was dark and moody, just like how I was feeling, and very powerful just for focusing on them and nothing else. It felt like it was a very personal internal narrative. Beautiful Liar is similar as these lyrics also seem to put into words how I've been feeling for the past year. Just at complete opposites with myself and my feelings. Like I'm a horrible lair putting on a mask. In the mv the imagery is so strong and what I feel is happening inside me. Like I'm two different people trying to coexist in one body.

3. How has kpop helped you this year?

Kpop has helped me do so much this year. Even though I've liked kpop for a few years now, it's not until this past year and a half that I feel like I've really started to actually live my life. I quit a job I was miserable at, I started to actually travel more, I've gotten so much closer to my sister our bond is even stronger now because of kpop, I've tried foods I wouldn't have before, and made so many new friends at concerts and here on Vingle that I never would've even had the courage to talk too otherwise. All because of our shared love of kpop and no fear of judgement for liking something other than the normal mainstream things.

4. What kpop idol inspires you most and why?

I would usually answer this with Tablo even though he isn't an 'idol' because I respect him so much and he does inspire me to keep going. But lately it's been two others that are inspiring me to keep going and smiling. Rap Monster and J-Hope. Rap Monster is so strong. He just keeps going no matter what anyone has to say. He knows what he wants and keeps striving for it no matter what. He inspires me to be strong enough to ignore the hate and the people who try to keep you down. My J-Hope... He really is like a beautiful ray of sunshine. My own sunflower. Anytime I need to smile he's there for me with that infectious smile of his. He inspires me to smile all the time.
Happy Thanksgiving Vingle family and hope you enjoyed this!!
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TABLO IS MY UNCLE! Lol not really....but seriously he reminds me of that awesome uncle that makes you wonder how he and your father came from the same womb.