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Hello Vingle community, my name is Steve. Photography and photo editing are my passions, and I have a deep appreciation and love for art in all of it's many forms. For fun I like playing videogames, binge watching TV shows, enjoying a good movie (or a bad one), reading, writing, hiking, kayaking, walking, going out to get food with friends, taking pictures with my friends, going to the movies and discussing it afterwards, and plenty of other fun stuff. I'm pretty much down for anything except a wild party, or drinking. But if someone wants to take me skydiving I'm totally willing to... politely decline. Unless I'm madly in love with them, then I'd probably do it. Life hasn't been without it's challenges, or pain, but I keep going every day in hope of actually figuring it out. I'm weird, sappy, stoic, and very much a goof, hopefully I'll fit in well here. You all have certainly helped me to feel very welcome. @shannonl5 @VinMcCarthy @danidee @LAVONYORK And many others, Thank you!
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Your belated intro has a kind of endearing transparency about it. I like it! Refreshing. :-)
Yay!!! Welcome ^_^
Welcome my darling @growingart Enjoy the wonderful Vingle community! We had are run ins already and they are fun and intriguing! Btw I'm the resident Deadpool of the Marvel Community lol the Mercs with mouths embrace you and I like your face! 馃槀馃槀馃槀 @shannonl5 deadpoolish enough 馃槀馃槀馃槀
Thank you all for the warm welcome!
welcome and hope you enjoy yourself there @GrowingArt !