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A young version of TOP, that is. I was at work and this Asian family came in and the oldest of their kids LOOKED JUST LIKE TOP AS A KID, only skinny. He was 11-12 years old and he had TOP's eyebrows and elongated face. He was tall and lanky and I kept looking at him thinking "You're going to grow up and break hearts!"
Just had to share. I would have taken a picture if I could have done so without being super creepy.
wow that awesome. my cousin (boy) looks like chen/tao which is weird
@petname83 HAHAHAHAHA! I'm dying.
@Helixx makes sense to me I totally believe in pre-arranged stalking agreesments. Makes the restraining order easier to negotiate. lol no really couldn't be any more weird than being asked out by the Easter bunny, or someone walking up to you asking if they could breed your dog. newayz...easier to ask for forgiveness than permission..if they said anything, you could've complained their snot nosed brat totally photo bombed your photo of the wall. that was going on the cover of business weekly and now it's ruined!!!! See totally doable -jk
@petname83 His parents wouldn't have found it strange at all. "Oh, it's fine. I'm just taking pictures for my future daughter. You're son is going to be her bias one day!"
go ahead and be creepy. keeps life interesting