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Sorry it's blurry:/ My Opposite arm sleeve operations/ part of it!! The animation is forever ongoing. So so much work needed :/ but anime is life!! So that's how it goes :)
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you should ad dbz somewhere
@LuffyNewman dude that is fucking awesome. props to you Nakama
@mackenzieorr186 I have goku on my arm he is the middle character. My right arm is gonna be my favorite characters who got me into anime. Left arm all one piece. Chest piece is naruto and OP. Back anime girls. One calf fairy tail, other calf fullmetal, thighs will be a mix of the rest of my favorite characters and scenes and then nami on my left rib cage, Megan fox is in my right rib cage. Then left shoulder might be the susanoo since right is the 9 tails. Or I'll do the sunny and merry on my left shoulder. Undecided there. Then idk about stomach, not a huge fan of stomach tats unless it's the right one.
@JustinDiaz thanks NAKAMA