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Hey guys!! This weeks anime character comparison, is Rin from Free! and Crow from Show by Rock!!. So I know pretty much all of you have never heard of show by rock but I have so I'm have so I'm doing it.
Alright so the first reason I have is they both wear red and also black. Not only that but their hair is also red. Really bad reason huh?
Next reason they are both hot that is it. Okay time to get real...starting now!!!
Okay so my third reason it is that both of them have a selfish stingy personality. Crow and Rin both always are really dramatic.
Reason four... they both are really competitive and make changes to their self and don't think about other people when they do.
Okay so that was really short but I'll sum it all up.
Both are jerks selfish cute funny sometimes curse a lot and have that stingy personality.
So there you are this weeks anime character comparison. I promise next weeks will be better. I'm going to start planning it and stuff. Any way go watch Show by rock it's way underrated but trust me it is really good and when their doing concerts they are so cute!! Okay have a great Thanksgiving and just keep on living it!!! Until this weekend!! Bye!!😊(yes this weekend.i do Japanese music artist cards on the weekends.)