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So, for this 9th day, I'm gonna break the rules again, @VinMcCarthy. To me, Thanksgiving is a time for you to be together with people you love and enjoy. As such, I couldn't invite just one person. I'm bringing the whole Nura Clan!
The clan members under Nurahiyon and his successors have shown time and time again how tightly they are bound. They are comrades and family, living through everything together. Literally, most of them live in the same house! They have such unique and interesting personalities and pasts, and I think it would be amazing to be able to sit down with each of them over a meal and get to know them better! (Well, maybe I'll give Natto a wide berth...)
These guys know how to party! I mean, they even use the large ceremonial sake bowls for regular sake cups! They are fun-loving, prank-playing Yokoi, who have, thanks to their leadership under Nurahiyon, Rihan, and Rikou, come to accept humans and to enjoy a less terror-mongering life. That's good, considering I AM inviting to Thanksgiving dinner, and I happen to be human. And being the rather uptight human that I am, I think it will be fabulous to be around so many rambunctious and devil-may-care persons who can hopefully teach me how to let my hair down a little bit, and laugh my way through this holiday.
@VinMcCarthy, have you seen this card? ill have the one from yesterday and today put up by tonight too
Heya, @VinMcCarthy, would you be so kind as to clip this into the Nani November collection? Thanks, and Happy Thanksgiving!