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This is from my point of view. I feel like whenever I'm depressed or sad after I listen to k-pop everything feels better, it takes away my real world problems for a bit and helps me calm down.
whenever I feel like crying I play songs that are hyper and get me moving and dancing (attempting to dance but fail badly), mostly to BTS, or exo or got7.
Whenever I feel like the day hasn't been going too well, I look for kpop memes to cheer me up and make me laugh till my ovaries explode.
I get depressed pretty easily due to past traumas and things that have happened to me (I have not been raped I know there's gonna be one person who thinks that) like verbal abuse, so I get really insecure and start hating myself when things don't go right. When I listen to songs by BTS, and Vixx or got7 (just right) I feel like I can sorta relate to it In a way, and makes me feel like I'm not alone and reminds that worse could happen but thankfully it didn't.
Does anyone feel the same way too? thanks for reading my post. here have some cute lay.
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@LaynicornLay thank you it did i looked at some memes on tumblr it made me feel bttr lol
Kpop can also help you deal with heartbreak.
I can really understand what you're feeling. K-Pop saved me from a serious depression I had in junior high due to verbal abuse and bullying as well. I would cry every day I got home from school for hours and I had negative thoughts of killing myself. No, I did not attempt it though or cut or take pills or anything like that, but I still was in a period of intense suffering. That was when I first got into K-Pop. Now, K-Pop is my crutch every day and it holds me in place and keeps me sane. I also look up K-Pop memes when I'm sad as well and watch music videos for hours till I can smile from the happy music or cry out my emotions with sad songs. Looking up pictures of my biases on tumblr or google images also helps me keep strength and smile a bit. And if all is lost, funny K-Pop videos really help me as well. Thank you for posting this. It's good to know someone else out there feels similar to me.
@xXChibiBunnyXx yep k-pop is truly wonderful, I wish people would stop judging international fans for liking kpop, cause they don't know how much it means to them.
@LaynicornLay So very true. I live in northern Minnesota not too farish from Canada. I have no K-Pop concerts close to me and people here are the farthest thing from being diverse. I understand what hate means when it comes to people bashing everything you love. As an international fan of K-Pop, I would have to say that some Korean K-Pop fans don't understand how much K-Pop helps some people from mental illnesses or other problems people have in their lives. Many Korean fans stereotype international fans as something they're not due to cultural barriers and because most seem to be stingy and want K-Pop or their biases, concerts, etc to stay in Korea. K-Pop is music, it's healing to many people and it should be shared around the world for everyone to enjoy.