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SHINee are some of the best performers out there - and they proved it on MCountdown.
In their performance of Dream Girl there was a mistake that could have ruined the performance, but the boys pulled together some crazy team work and saved the day!

Watch below:

Can you spot the mistake?

Probably not.

Here's the breakdown:

Minho breaks the stand at 2:02

Key picks up a piece at 2:43

Jonghyun kicks the stand away at 2:47

Onew slides the last piece away at 2:59

Jonghyun dances without mic stand 3:11

Is there anything SHINee can't do!?

Wow!! That's amazing. I didn't even see it at all. The performance was so amazing, I didn't see the mistake.
These guys are amazing!!! they are so underrated in SM yet they are the ones who bring the good name for SM XD
thats real team work!
I watched like alot of SHINee vids and there are mistakes in every one I saw.But that is part of the ressons they are SHINee
Hahaha minho talked about it in some interview XD but they were seriously professional about it.
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