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This little Maknae will be the death of me his my everything. I love him so much. I mean come on so doesn't!! Even Jiminie wants some of him
Every detail about him is perfection to me. His a good dancer, strong, and so adorable♡♡
His voice is to die for both languages English and Korean!
Although sometimes his sexiness likes to pop out at us without WARNING!! & it kills me!
But the Maknae Line ❤ are all united! I love how they are all together but....
His my one and only! & I don't ever want to see him cry about anything that upset him only his birthday surprises should he cry! HIS AMAZING! HAPPY JUNGKOOKIE APPRECIATION DAY❤❤❤❤ @kpopandkimchi ❤ Thank you for introducing me to this world of kpop