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I am thankful for kpop itself because it has helped me find myself and figure out more about myself that I didn't even know and I'm sure there are many reasons why you are thankful for kpop (I mean shirtless Jay Park anyone..). But there are certain idols that I am extremely thankful for and for different reasons.


Of course I have to start with my ultimate bias. I am thankful for him because he has shown me that hard work and dedication gets you a long way.

Rap Monster

Namjoon is such an inspiration to me. If you don't know, he had to undergo heart surgery when he was younger and had a small chance of living, but our Namjoonie was so strong and here he is dominating the world today! I am thankful for this lovable ball of dimples because he shows me that when something slows you down, make sure it doesn't keep you down.


Kris is someone who stood up for himself. When he didn't like how he was being treated, he left SM. While it upset me that he left Exo, he stood up for himself and it was for the better. And his acting career is really big in China now with him being in movies and he models for companies like Adidas. I am thankful for Kris because he showed me that sometimes leaving your current situation is for the better, even if it means leaving people behind. If it boosts your wellbeing physically and emotionally, then it might be the best choice.
I had a really touching moment writing this. I never really thought about why I'm drawn to these people until now. I may have almost cried... But Happy Thanksgiving! Well, tomorrow's thanksgiving, but I wanted to wish you an early one! Who are 3 idols you are thankful for?