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goku vs ichigo good battle
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@randysqwishy23 :0 I never knew
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@HappysaysAye never knew that i was a dbz nerd?
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wait. is this a death battle or a good battle? ichigo would win the good battle because over all he is a all out hero. and when it comes down to it he doesn't let getting stronger get in the way of being a great older brother. and in a way ichigo is the hero of heros. goku kills himself and let's his son who he forced to train kill a bug man that fully intended to wipe out the planet. a good father would gave said "oh really you want to kill my wife and son? Good fucking luck doing that while I firmly wedge your arms into your dickhole, candiru fish style" then erased that fucker from existence. if ichigo and goku fought, ichigo would see goku as a threat he NEEDS to extinguish. he doesn't feel things out and slowly let's a fight escalate. when ichigo needs to throw down he sees it as him protecting his family, he would go for the killing blow. because it's what he needs to do. the ONLY time he will refuse to power up is if he is at risk of his hollow taking over. Goku will let ichigo power up, then die cuz he was stupid enough to let a getsuga tenshou touch him.
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It's a battle of personality both ways and goku would lose both times
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ichigo would win a fight
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