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Its Jungkooks day today so lets all just take the time to remember why he is the "Golden Maknae" before the big day!
He is so GOSH DARN ADORABLE!!!!!! There is no denying that he has earned the title "visual" xD
And here is some more cutness because basically he is cute all the time, so its not hard to document it xD (that last one kills me all the time )
Then there are his sexy moments...... WHICH HE IS NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE UNTIL HE IS AN ADULT SO HE BETTER PUT THAT SEXY BACK WHERE IT CAME FROM OR SO HELP ME XDDD (the last one makes me question life )
May we all just take this time to reflect on the strength and masculinity of our young maknae xD The videos here do him enough justice
And now i will leave off on joongkook being all cutsie and lovey dovey with his fellow group members xD (got extra jikook, vkook, and joongmon just because ) BYE EVERYBODY!!! P.S (I dont own these beautiful pics and gifs used xD)