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So.... I'm rewatching some Naruto and tonight I started with the waterfall of truth and I'm a few eps in to where now it's backstory of what happened on October 10th, the day Naruto was born.... Fuck Madara or Obito or whoever for real... But my question is why??!!?? Why the hell wasn't there more backup/ security on the night Kushina gave birth. If Lord Third, Kakashi, Guy, and Yamato would have been on watch Minato and Kushina could have possibly NOT have died!!!! Ugh... I know that's the point of the storyline I guess it's just depressing as fuck and breaks my heart into a million pieces. πŸ˜­πŸ’”πŸ˜°
also Kushina's delivery day was super ultra top secret but since Madara was still alive he passes down not only his name but the knowledge of the jinchuuriki seal and was able to keep tabs on Kushina so it was easy for Obito to sneak around the barrier and all of that security
Most heartwrenching episode for sure!
You gott to remember that no one knew that madara was still alive and passed the title to Obito. They had set up barriers to prevent anything from happening but Obito was able to pass through them. On top of that, what skills shinobi would be left to prevent anything from occurring in the Hidden leaf village while the Hokage was away?