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Romance Anime
Hey guys another post from me! Actually its more of a request. I've watched many anime over the years and in all honesty, ive mostly enjoyed Romance, Comedy, Harem, and especially a mix of all three! so i wanted to ask you guys if you could recommend any good romance anime to me (comedy or not is perfectly fine). Thanks guys and I'll see you all on my next post! peace peeps.
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@IzamarPalomo thank you :) i appreciate your suggestions!
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@AUGhead do you know what anime this picture is from? @BrittneyCasteel and I were asking.
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girl in pic is so pretty<3 #animelife
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@Neece @GabrielPena may or may not be Hyouka. again, i only found this on google images im sorry.
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Oh ok thank tho
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