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Some entertainment companies and individual members are really, really good to their fans.

Here are a few of my favorite ways the they show fans how special we are to them:


They made a full on drama where two of the members possibly fall in love. It's seriously straight out of a fan fiction. THEY REFERENCE FAN FICTION IN THE DRAMA!
You can watch it on DailyMotion HERE.


Hakyeon got to choreograph a solo dance for VIXX's concert and he not only used chains and clothes that showed off his tummy...but he made Hongbin dance with him and they were...well....close....

Cube Entertainment

They made a cafe for fans so that if they want to come see the office, they have a place to hang out comfortably rather than standing outside in the cold like JYP or SM. It is connected to the office and the dance studio is around the corner so the idols have to walk by to go to work. You're able to see your idols in a comfortable and safe environment for everyone!


G-Dragon had an event with AirBnb where he basically just had a party with the fans. He hung out with them and took pictures and it seemed like everyone had a really awesome time.


Since he felt like he receives so much from his fans, he wanted to give back. Suga hand made (and bought!) 300 gift bags with individual letters for the fans that came to the fan meeting on his birthday.
The boys helped him a bit, but he did most of the work. He was clearly really nervous and excited to give it to everyone.
When more than 300 people came he immediately started writing 50 more messages for them and felt really bad that he didn't have enough.
Watch the video HERE
bless suga and his parents because they raised a such fine gentlemen
Suga is so sweet for doing that 😢i was honestly surprised when i watched a video of him preparing those for the fans since I've never heard of an idol doing that before. GD is just truly one of a kind because not many idols would do that too. N and Hongbin made me have difficulties with breathing normally 😂The little lounge spot for the fans were lovely and the movie thingy was cute
awe I know I was watching suga and started crying and my cousin was like why are y crying did some one,rape u and I was like no...
Suga is the sweetest!!! And I need to go to that café
OMG THE SUGA ONE!! HE IS SO CUTE FOR DOING THAT! RESPECT! 💖 These are awesome fanservices 😄👌
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