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I have a couple of these so bare with me haha.
There's this other new drama coming out on Dramafever and I feel like I should tell you about it because I'm seriously waiting for it to be there. It's not out yet; it will be available December 4!
Now let's get on the mini informations!

Never Die

Nam Ji Hyun plays a 200-year-old immortal who eternally looks 20 years old. Ji Eun Sung plays a young man in the present day who falls for the undying beauty. When two people are in love but one of them is 200 years old, how can they make their romance last?

Opinions Before Watching

I guess immortality is a trend in dramas lately...
I think this would be interesting to see just how the relationship would work.
I saw people talking about it and it's supposed to be funny as well, so let's hope this doesn't turn out stupid!
Immortality always has the risk of being stupid or amazing.
Whoa is that Jihyun from 4minute?! I'm glad she's finally getting to do more entertainment stuff, I feel like she gets teh least amount of press out of the group!
@kpopandkimchi You have a good eye! Yup it's her. I don't listen to them though. Should I?