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We all have friends. Some we've grown up with and consider our best friends, others are fresh out of the stranger zone. But friends are in abundance. But have you ever just sat somewhere and thought about how much you really value your friends? Like, imagine scenarios where you find yourself in the gutter and that one person is there to pick you up. Just writing that line I thought about my best friends and every single one of them would have picked me up. Take a quick moment and think about it.
Ok, do you have your list? Good, now think of the times you have been there for them. Now, this is the tricky part. In some cases, it may not seem like a big deal, but just think about it in your perspective. Have you hung out with them recently? How did hanging out with them make you feel? How you feel is most likely how your friend/s feel, and that counts as being there for them in my book because hanging out with you is usually better than staying at home alone with no one to talk to.
Now, remember all of the friends over the years that you no longer socialize with. Why did you stop? Most of the time, the reason was simply that you guys grew distant. You just slowly stopped talking to each other and moved on. But do not worry, because even those are worth mentioning! There are people who come into your life to just help you through your troubles, and then they leave. But do not think of them as lost friends, only as borrowed Angels who must now return to where they came.
(Picture is kind of out of context but I'm looking at the special part of it) Now that we've taken a quick trip down friendship lane, I think we've come to realize some things. We've appreciated our friends, reminisced about old ones, but what's next?


We have people in our life that care for us! They'll be there for you at your weakest and help bring out your strongest! Those friends that you've known for years, the ones that you insult on an almost daily basis, the one that are the only people in the world who have seen your craziest side, and the ones that love you unconditionally. Go be with them. Take advantage of your time together, so when you grow old and look back, you'll remember that one time when he/she fell asleep and you drew inappropriate images of reproductive organs on his/her face. (And if you haven't done that yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?!)
This is Awesome...and oh so true. I don't know where I'd be without my friends. (Maybe even dead. Not even joking...) I don't know how old you are, but you've learned some things that some people never learn in their entire lives. THANK YOU for posting this, on a day when I'm focusing on the love in my life and all the things I'm thankful for, too. <3 Excellent job. I can't wait to read more from you.
Such a beautiful card!
This is such an awesome card! I moved a lot growing up and even now, and the friends that stay with me are the ones that stick forever. I may not see them but skype is still quality time too! :)