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Lurking Pann (basically a forum where people post about celebs or whatever in Korea) has become one of my new favorite hobbies, and I found a post I wanted to share!
The question asked: which idol group's dance is the best?
They're talking as far as look, fluidity, creativity, and other memorable aspects

Here's what I saw people voting for:

Shinee - Sherlock

DBSK - Mirotic

They totally know when to move powerfully or leave things slow and suave, coupled with impeccable synchronization!!!

EXO - Growl & Wolf

They were debating between the two, since they both feel "like a musical" so I'm putting them both here :)

Taeyang - Where U At

SNSD - Tell Me Your Wish

This is the Japanese dance version with the Korean audio layered on it!

Oh My Girl - Closer

They like this because of the fact that Oh My Girl makes the shape of all the different star signs in the choreo! I included the top version and the regular performance version.

BTS - I Need U & Dope

Teen Top - Supa Luv OR Rocking

VIXX - Error

(or Hyde or Voodoo or Chained UP....people really couldn't decide so I'm putting them all haha)

Infinite - The Chaser

B.A.P. - One Shot

Beast - Fiction (+ The Fact)

Seventeen - Manse

So these obviously aren't all the dances out there that are GREAT!

This is just the ones that korean fans were discussing and saying they think are the best choreographies.

Do you agree? If not, what would you think needs included?

I personally like farrrrrr too many dances to ever pick a favorite, but I want to know what your favorites are in this special edition of "The Practice Room" ^-^
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@VixenViVi agreed! their choreography are intense, intricate and fun lol
@VixenViVi @darcmana they are soooo good at dancing, but for me their newer dances don't kill it like they used to XD
I'm torn between SHINee and Infinite...they put SO much work into their choreo its INSANE.
@kpopandkimchi I also agree with Infinite @byeolbit theyre latest comeback was more visual in their MVs than dancing. I still stand with SHINee lol
I personally love the choreography for Bts. I love their dances