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AOTD: (Was originally going to do this right after the Teaser for Run but something came up so here it is now!) Where do I even begin? Can I even begin? This will be such a nice album and for some reason I'm looking forward to Whalien 52 since it is a strange name. Do you think it ties in with the 3BTSPPL52 because of the 52? Run seems like something you would do emotionally and physically. After I Need You and the Prologue, I think it is like their conscience to tell them to "run" and like move on/away from the deaths of the other members. "Run" away from these memories but try staying sane (not getting depressed, suicidal, etc.) at the same time? Maybe? I'm not quite sure but it probably does have something to do with mental running. Anyways this album will slay all the ARMYs (including me)! We are so gonna die with more theories after this MV release. So screwed.
SOOOO many theories! I love it!!! I can't wait to see the MV!
@kpopandkimchi RIGHT! I'M READING TOO MUCH. I'm so hype for the MV