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Anime Villians
I wanted to make a card of everyone's least favorite villain and by least favorite, I mean the villain you hate the most and I realized I can't pick just one...
Number 1 spot for the villain I literally hate the most goes to Uchiha Madara.. This piece of shit pretended to be dead for years and brainwashed Obito. He killed Naruto's parents and tried to destroy the entire Shinobi world... Need I say more?
Then we have Teach, aka, Blackbeard. He's just a piece of shit all around. He's the reason Ace ended up in Impel Down and he killed Whitebeard. He's one of the four Emporers now and I hate it.
Lastly for me is Akainu... Tho it all boils down to being Teach fault in the first place but still, what a piece of shit. Your devil fruit... Your fist, killed Ace and that is not acceptable.
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