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Whenever I see a Beanie Baby these days, I think about how the media totally created a frenzy around them not because they were cute, but because they were somehow going to make us TONS of money someday with how rare and collectible they'd be.

Boy, are THESE people fooled...

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@buddyesd I had a few. I wasn't a diehard collector, but back in the day, they were the go-to present to give girls my age lol.
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@mchlyang They're little stuffed animals stuffed like beanbags. They were SUPER popular in the mid-to-late 90s to collect, and there were a lot of limited edition ones that were believed to be worth tons of money someday, but collecting them 'professionally' never really caught on, so the ones that everyone assumed would cost tons of money someday are still worth nothing lol.
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@danidee I believe we do lol. but I haven't opened the chest in years
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I have a crap ton of these things. Several bins of them. My husband's grandma collected them and then gave them all to him. When he died, I offered them back to his family but they said to give them to the minion. So I did. He has loved them well. We have a few that I chose as my favorites (per birthdays, animal type, etc.) that are sitting on shelves, but mostly, they are just TOYS. Every now and then, the kid takes one to his girlfriend. Lol 馃槒 he's too smooth.
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