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Reasons You Should Love Jungkook


and I am so excited and looking forward to BTS' comeback!! How about you all? (also even more excited bc of all the theories I've read. They're all so very interesting to read) but enough of that...let's talk about why the golden maknae should be loved~ lez go

1. He has been through a lot

if not in real life, at least in some of BTS' music videos This depresses me XD

2. He's a good person

I think we all know this is true

3. His smile is perfect

*gets blinded by perfection*

4. He is a goofball

this kid...I swear XD

5. He has big eyes

*says like Kookie* Oh ma gawd
and lastly...

6. He is the golden maknae

Can I convince you anymore than that?
I hope everyone liked this card and I'm sorry for just now posting it (I'm a day late) I arrived in Florida at about 1 and had to spend time with family until like 4


5 more days until their comeback!!


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