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Name: Chola Age: About 2-3 years old Breed: Pitbull Sex: Female Bio: We found her on the streets. She was abused, we based that off the bruises and cuts she had back then, and she came inside the car we were in. We opened the door and we had rice (my brother and I were hungry so we brought a lot of rice) and we gave it to her. We also stopped by the store to but her water and so we decided, from that day, we'll keep her ^^ Likes: wrestling and eating Dislikes: vegetables
She's a lazy butt haha but she is loved! 3 I'm glad we found her that day :D
Name: Liney Age: 8 years old Breed: I believe she's a mix Sex: Female Bio: Liney wasn't our dog from the beginning. Her previous owners would come to our house, with Liney, and leave her with us because they seemed to be busy most of the time and didn't want her to be alone. Back then I had about 6 dogs and like 7 cats. Liney felt happy and comfortable being around so many animals so of course she wouldn't want to leave such a lively place for a lonely one. One day, her owners took her away but came back the next day saying,"She doesn't want to eat or drink water so in order for her to live, keep her". Liney jumped off the car and came home ^^ that's the story on how we came to keep her :) Likes: attention and love Dislikes: sharing
I'm such a creep for taking a picture of her sleeping hahaha :D
She's more aggressive than Chola! Just giving a clear warning cx
Sometimes she eats with the cats so she can be friendly 3 Liney is part of my childhood and hopefully she can stay for my future husband to see ^^
Sorry for this long card but I think it's right to present you my two favorite dogs :"D Thank you for reading and what do you think?! @danidee
@danidee yeah she is pretty big. Maybe that can be one of her traits, part of her mixed breed.
Her fluffiness makes me think of pomeranians, but she's a little too big for that, isn't she?
@danidee Thank you :"D haha I've been trying to figure out what type of mix she is as well hahah no luck cx she's weird :)
OMG CUTE. I love the name Chola hahahaha. Also, wow, Liney seriously IS a mix. I'm trying to figure out what she might be a mix of, but she seems like she could be quite a few things. Lmao, her ears when she sleeps..
@RaquelArredondo I always feel like mixed breeds are cuter. My dog is a dachshund mix. :D