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Hello Vinglers!

Another Day, Another Song! Let's Go~

Resuscitated Hope by Lisa Komine (Gosick)

As soon as I heard this ED I was captivated by Komine's voice. Her gentle and pure voice with that Gothic rock immediately reminded me of Nightwish (wonder if you know the band). I love music that is not the "norm" and this is one of the most unique songs in anime if you compared it to the vast majority of J-Pop and J-Rock music that has invaded the anime universe. Not saying that it is bad but I do like variety in my collections.
Here's the full song which I do recommend listening to it! Also, if you haven't watched "Gosick", highly recommended. It's a mystery anime focusing on urban legends and horror. As you can see even the theme of the anime is pretty original, or it might be that I haven't watched anime with this topic.

Have any of you watched or even heard of "Gosick"? if so, what's your opinion!

Close your eyes and listen~

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@RosePark how do you live in my head, B?! I freaking LOVE Nightwish. I have every album they've ever made. (Ok. I'm obsessed?) lol πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
watched the whole season last month loved it. I would encourage anyone to watch it