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needed to post so here is random pic
I realize there are people out there who will like it, and if they do, I won't judge them for it. Don't get me wrong, I love yaoi. But at some point I have to realize that it is wrong for a child to be involved with an adult. I don't dislike the anime itself. I dislike that I was briefly ok with the fact that a most likely twelve year old boy ( at the oldest) was involved with a guy that was most likely in his twenties.
@kaitlynmesser is right we all go to the dark side eventually
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@KaitlynMesser, @nickthecodingod, it seems like you guys are making an assumption.... What brought you to that conclusion? There are many aspects about anime, and not even talking hentai, that people would deem inappropriate. But I wouldn't have joined this community if I was worried encountering posts such as this. Also, just how old do you think I am? I participated in this post because I haven't seen it and I was hoping to get more information about it so I can further judge whether or not I still want to see it. From what I've read elsewhere, I am intrigued. I've already expressed my base opinions. On the whole, this is how I felt and what my thoughts are Assumption or not.
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