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Its almost here guys!!!!!! Day 4 in our countdown to The Most Beautiful Moment in Life pt2!! *Story time* A few months ago i was introduced to Bts and over time i casually fell in love with them. (i mean how could you not) All though i adore every single member with all my heart, but one member stood out to me the most. And that member is this guy right here!! Park Jimin.❤ There is sooooo many reasons why i love our Jiminnie but i will only list my top 5!!! So here they are.! 1) Hard-working Jimin is said to always be practicing even on his days off. 2) His Voice Don't even get me started on those high notes!! (lol) 3) Natural Aegyo Jimin is a person who is naturally cute but once he is put on the spot, can not do it! Its the cutest thing!! 4) Dancing Jimin is a really talented dancer!! Im literally speechless. To me he is the coolest when he dances. 5) His Bright Smile No matter what, Jimin always has a smile on his face.
"i casually fell in love with them." hahaha for some reason that made me laugh so much! Happy Jimin Day!
haha im glad it did!!