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첫 사랑. My first love Park jimin.
I remember I found the boys bcuz of an article stating they were Big Bang fans a few weeks b4 they debut.
This adorable face immediately caught my attention.
Then the amazement and heartache known as "No More Dream" came and i could no longer escape. Thise abs were lethal.
2 amazing years later he has grown and matured so much. I grow to love him more as a great friend, artist, and overall heartwarming individual who I wish will accomplish all that he desires and more.
Thank you jimin for your hard work, laughter, goofiness, and just being you. 사랑해요 지민.♡♡♡♡♡♡
P.S one thing that originally attracted me was his resemblance GD. Since BTS debut I havent thought anything like again. But here. I love fanboys
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He looks like such a baby compared to now!!! Such a sweetheart :3
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