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Here is some super powers. there are so many anime power out so I can't put them all on here. Pick one of 20 of these powers. Then put a power of your choice that you would want ghat not in these options. For example: I would choose 1. Hollow Form 2. Ninetails power and sage mode From Naruto.
1. Super Saiyan 2. Hollow Form 3. Geass 4.Death Note 5. Alchemy 6. Kuro-Sensei’s Mach 20 Speed 7. Kagune 8. D-Mail and Reading Steiner 9. Devil Fruit 10. Stand 11. Titan Shift 12. Mystic Eye of Death Perception 13. Rinnegan 14. Teigu 15. Nen 16. Cantus 17. Dress Break 18. Banishing Shift 19. Decomposition and Regrowth 20 . Haruhi Suzumiya’s God Powers
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Super sayajin, it is only like a 20x power booster or something along those lines so it wouldn't make me a god, just super strong. And sage mode