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imagine that u we're walking in the streets and u suddenly u bumped into ur cursh which is mark but he was already taken by apink bomi mark smiled but u noticed bomi was by mark u sighed and walked away when u were at school mark went up to u and hugged u u smiled and blushed he looked up to u and smiled to but bomi came again she went up to mark and hugged him and kissed him in the cheeks u felt jealousy in ur body so u know what u we're gonna do but first u we're a nerd but mark only saved u from the bullies and yeah back to the see story when u went home u rip all ur clothes and bought new one the next day u we're overalls the short version and u we're a shirt along with it too and curled ur hair wore some converse and went to school when u got to school everybody looked at u and some boys even winked at u u ignore the winks and went up to ur locket which was by mark he saw u he had his eyes wide open "--------- (ur name on the line) u OK?" he said u nodded and yeah 5 months later........ bomi broke up with mark cause idk but soon enough mark confessed to u and u we're now mark girlfriend.
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