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vegeta has the stamina its just goku always has abit more stamina and strength compared to vegeta. vegeta can be prince or king of the sayians all he wants but what he should accept is that goku will be the strongest solider/civilian sayian and that goku would be the trump card for the sayians
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Yeah cause he's week. look how long he lasted against the one star dragon in the gt episodes. the one star dragon said I'm gonna take you out first cause you wouldn't even last long. that was after 15 minutes of fighting him.
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@Dagod well gt isnt actually canon in the series (part of the actual story) so technically it doesnt exist in the dragon ball/dragon ball z series vegeta isnt actually weak. he is just always in 2nd place because of goku
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You saw the buu saga right even then he wasn't even stronger enough to beat him even though he had help from the wizard. I liked when vageta finally gave him his props when they was fighting kid buu
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@Dagod he is still 2nd strongest though. he isnt as strong as goku but yeah he is 2nd strongest though cause with ssg blue he is stringer then gohan
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