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I managed to make bulgogi :)
I managed to turn this...
...into this! And it tastes pretty good...the only thing that's missing is kimchi (/.\)
Yay!! On to my next project...Korean pancakes ;)
Hah yeah....hmmm u can't seem to remember the brand if curry I got (it was a blue box) and I used mild flavor because I can't eat spicy things (each color are diff. taste and levels of spiciness ...I think green was hot) oh mochi is life @GamerKyumin
Ahh daebak I bet it tastes delicious.... the only thing I could do is curry (the Japanese curry heh Indian curry is too spicy)
If I ate meat I would TOTALLY ask you to send me some hahahah Looking forward to the pancakes :D Kimchi jeon is my favorite!!!
@ARMYStarlight Oh man, I completely forgot about Japanese food (don't ask me how)...I should try for the curry (any suggestions for the type of curry?) and then maybe some mochi (/.\)
@kpopandkimchi Haha, thank you (>.<) Kimchi jeon...hmm...gotta look that one up ^^